The Pickle Singles Scratch Snooker final took place on Monday 21st December 2015 with two players appearing in the final for the first time.  Yasir Nadeem and Vimal Gadhia competed in a fabulous final and the images show Yaz and Vim before the game with Pickle President Ian Knight and Ian presenting the winner's trophy to Vim after the match.

Yasir took an early lead and won the first frame well.  Vim Gadhia later won the second and third frame, winning the match 2-1.  The spectators all felt it was one of the best and most exciting finals ever seen at the club.  Well done to both players for an excellent performance

Pickle Club Snooker Doubles Handicap Final 2015

This year’s final was keenly contested by 4 members of the Pickle ‘B’ team squad: Tony Marcus, Rick Robinson, Mike Friel and Danny Friel.

Mike and Danny, playing in their first Pickle Club final, eventually lost 2-0 in the ‘best of 3 frames’ final. Congratulations go to Rick and Tony on their success.

Also, thanks go to Ian Knight (referee) and Mark Woodhull (scorer) for officiating on the night.

L/R: Tony Marcus, Rick Robinson, Mike Friel, Danny Friel

Rick Robinson and Tony Marcus celebrating their win